TV tuner

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TV tuner

(1) The electronic circuit in an analog or digital TV that latches onto a TV channel and filters out the signals. See carrier and QAM.

(2) A plug-in card or USB module for a computer that tunes in over-the-air (OTA) or cable TV channels. Attaching to the antenna cable or the cable company's cable via a coaxial F connector, the tuner includes software to change the channel and render the video content on screen. The software may also be able to use the computer's hard disk as a digital video recorder (DVR). Tuners on PCI and PCIe cards also include A/V inputs for connection to external video sources.

In older PCs, TV tuner plug-in cards connected to the VGA card via an internal connector (see VGA feature connector).

An Audio Tuner
Not exactly a plug-in computer module, this 1925 battery-operated Stewart Warner Radio required listeners to tune three stages manually. When they got a good signal, they recorded the numbers on a log sheet (top) so they could tune in quickly the next time. (Equipment courtesy of Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut,
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Mercury TV Tuner Cards are well accepted in the market because of its high quality standards.
The AVerTV Cardbus tuner is a portable TV tuner that allows users to take advantage of their MCE 2005 laptop's TV and video capability without the need to install internal tuner cards.
TEAC TV Tuner is a powerful device enabling video and regular Television viewing from a notebook or desktop PC.
The company's latest Si21x8 TV tuner family represents the state of the art in silicon tuners and is based on four generations of patented architectural enhancements.
The new Si21x8 family represents the state-of-the-art in TV tuner technology based on four generations of patented architectural enhancements.
NASDAQ: SLAB), a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today introduced a silicon TV tuner solution designed to provide an optimal balance of affordable cost and high performance for TV makers in China and Taiwan.
Recent In-Stat research, World Mobile Silicon TV Tuners in Eight Regions (#IN1005040MMT), provides a comprehensive review of the mobile TV tuner market including:
Although traditional "can" type TV tuners are still the mainstream approach being used for high-volume television sets, the next-generation of ultra-slim TVs will need compact Silicon Tuners to enable thinner circuit boards, reports In-Stat (http://www.
Mitsubishi's Unisen models are the first TVs in production to fully realize the benefits of the industry-leading footprint and performance of Silicon Labs' Si217x silicon TV tuner by mounting the IC directly on the main system board rather than using separate tuner modules.
Mirics, developer of FlexiTV[TM], the world's first commercial software-based global TV receiver, today announces that Yuan High-Tech ("Yuan") has developed TV tuner receivers based upon the FlexiTV platform.
The RadiX TV Tuner is the industry's lowest power and highest performance CMOS based multi-standard silicon tuner designed to replace and outperform conventional Can tuners, exceeding the A/74 specification by a wide margin.
SiTune's latest advanced RF COMS TV Tuner Technology will be announced at CES in Las Vegas January 7-10.