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see Tennessee Valley AuthorityTennessee Valley Authority
(TVA), independent U.S. government corporate agency, created in 1933 by act of Congress; it is responsible for the integrated development of the Tennessee River basin.
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TVA would be impacted in the event that carbon legislation is passed.
TVA operates 11 high-efficiency, low-emission combined cycle gas units at five sites, including three units at Southaven, all of which TVA has built, leased or acquired since 2007.
TVA has six operating nuclear units and has resumed construction on the Watts Bar Unit #2, which is scheduled to be in service in 2013.
Key initiatives for TVA in 2012 include completing the John Sevier Combined Cycle Plant in northeastern Tennessee.
The finding, which prompts increased NRC scrutiny, resulted from a defective valve that TVA identified and reported.
The plant is inside the TVA territory, is connected to a 500-kilovolt TVA transmission line, and has provided power to TVA from time to time since it began operation in 2003.
To address areas that need improvement, TVA will implement more water-saving projects in its buildings and move all agency energy and water data to a new data management system to provide more accurate accounting for water reduction accomplishments.
While base power rates did not change, revenues rose, mainly because of increases in the fuel cost adjustment, a monthly charge that allows TVA to recover the cost of various types of fuel, including coal and natural gas.
As a government-owned corporation, TVA does not make a profit, and it reinvests net income in its power business, specifically on projects that expand and improve TVA's infrastructure.
The implementation of TVA extends a strong partnership between Teradata and DnB NOR," said Peter Mikkelsen, Teradata vice president for the Nordic region.
It was a good year for TVA operationally and financially, which means it was a good year for TVA's customers," Kilgore said, emphasizing that TVA expects no increase in its base rates for fiscal 2011.
Fitch believes the TVA contract is a positive factor due to the competitively priced wholesale power provided by TVA's diverse power resources, EPB's ability to terminate the contract with 10-year's notice and contract provisions that protect EPB from substantive negative consequences if EPB experiences a reduction in its energy needs.