tablet computer

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tablet computer

A general-purpose computer contained in a touchscreen panel. Although earlier tablet computers required a stylus, modern tablets are operated by fingers, and a stylus is an option.

iPad, Android and BlackBerry
In 2010, Apple's iPad created a tablet revolution as dramatic as it did with the iPhone. However, Android tablets have given the iPad a run for its money with numerous models from many vendors. BlackBerry introduced a tablet for its customers, which was later discontinued (see BlackBerry PlayBook). See iPad and Android.

Windows Tablets
In 2000, Microsoft introduced a tablet version of Windows (see Tablet PC). However, Windows tablets were not widely used until Windows 8 changed the game in 2012. Any program that runs on a Windows PC can run on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 tablet. See Windows tablet.

Thousands of Applications
Just like smartphones, tablets come with a Web browser and a variety of installed apps; however, a huge number of free and paid apps are available from the vendor's online store (see online app store). See mobile compatibility.

Full Size and Mini
Left to right are the Lenovo IdeaTab (Windows 8), Apple iPad (iOS) and Acer Iconia (Android). The small tablet is the Amazon Kindle Fire (Android). See phablet.

State-Of-The-Art in 1999
Although seriously bulky by today's standards, the Qbe ("Cube") Windows tablet included voice recognition, camera, analog modem, Ethernet and a keyboard for desktop use. (Image courtesy of Aqcess Technologies Inc.)

The Tablet Newspaper Prototype
In 1994, Knight-Ridder's Roger Fidler predicted newspapers would be viewed on tablets in the future. Watch the video:
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These are urgently needed as companies and health care providers weigh options to implement wide-scale adoption of tablet computers for business operations," Dr.
Currently we give commands two-dimen sionally on touch panels in smartphones and tablet computers but this invention would give us another dimension how hard they are pressed," Murata spokesman Kazuhisa Mashita said.
More than 75 percent of CXOs surveyed have one tablet computer, while 20 percent report owing two or more tablet computers citing family needs, business/private use, and different locations.
Furnish And Deliver (1) Rugged Tablet Computer And Gis Software For The Department Of Environmental Management, Wastewater Division, County Of Hawaii.
Rariza said Peralta, who pretended to be a girl, befriended Lebuna who later confided that he wanted to sell a tablet computer, De Dios said.
Google is set to promote the tablet computer as a convenient way to enjoy movies, music and games.
Apple patented its design in 2004, and Brueckner-Hofmann cited products from Asus, Acer and Toshiba as examples of tablet computers that nonetheless have a clearly different design.
London, Aug 7 (ANI): Acer's founder Stan Shih reckons that ultrabooks and tablet computers are short-term fads.
Consumers have lined up for hours at Apple stores in Beijing and Shanghai since the iPad 2, the updated version of the tablet computer, went on sale in the world s biggest Internet market on Friday.
The international debut of Apple's hit new iPad at the weekend have pushed total sales of the tablet computer to over 2 million units, Apple announced today, according to dpa.
Las Vegas -- Motorola Mobility's Xoom tablet computer powered by new 'Honeycomb' software from Google was crowned the best gadget at the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas.
Fujitsu Personal Systems Inc has released its new Stylistic LT pen tablet computer.