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In ancient Greece and Rome, a building in which archives of a city or state were deposited; also called archeion or tabularium.
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TaL = tabularium length (mm), TaW = tabularium width (mm), TaA = tabularium area ([mm.
Variation in tabularium size and corallite spacing within the corallum is obvious in heliolitids (Fig.
The variation in quantitative characters of heliolitids, such as tabularium diameter, corallite spacing, and thickness of the corallite wall, is evident within coralla, but the degree of variation is higher between coralla (Figs 5, 6).
The specimens analysed in the current work have mean tabularium diameters of 0.
In the quiet of a tabularium in Rome a dispirited archivist reflects pessimistically that the great empire has grown old, the inhabitants of the capital in flux as barbarians invade.
The vitality of his foreigner's experience, come alive now as he recounts details of his voyage to his colleagues at the tabularium, invigorates the dulled city.
5c), had an advanced septal apparatus and tabularium, but a complicated axial structure (Grewingkia, Bodophyllum) became common only in the early and middle Ashgill (t.
The genus Grewingkia Dybowski, 1873, on the contrary, mainly includes comparatively large, liberosessile species with strongly dilated septa throughout the early ontogeny, a cardinal fossula often provided with a septofossular stage (= short cardinal septum) in the calice, and a tabularium with several peripheral tabellae.