Tactile Sensation

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Tactile Sensation


the sensation produced through the action of mechanical stimuli on the surface of the skin. Tactile sensation, a form of the sense of touch, varies according to the type of stimulus: touch, pressure, or vibration.

Tactile stimuli are perceived by free nerve endings and by nerve plexuses around the hair follicles, as well as by Pacini’s, Meissner’s, and Merkel’s corpuscles. Several Merkel’s or Meissner’s corpuscles may be innervated by the same nerve fiber, constituting a unique tactile formation. Such encapsulated receptors as Pacini’s and Meissner’s corpuscles determine the threshold of tactile sensation; these receptors become stimulated by touch and vibration, and adapt rapidly. The sensation of pressure is produced by the stimulation of such slowly adapting receptors as free nerve endings.

In comparison with other skin sensations, tactile sensation decreases rapidly with prolonged stimulation, since, on the whole, the processes of adaptation in the tactile receptors are very rapid. The most highly differentiated tactile sensations are produced by stimulating the lips, the tip of the tongue, and the tips of the fingers, areas richly supplied with a variety of mechanical receptors. The cortical part of the tactile analyzer is represented in the postcentral and precentral gyri.


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32) The larger fibres responsible for tactile sensation possess non-neural encapsulated receptors and most of the fibres of peripheral nerve are small myelinated A-delta and unmyelinated B and C fibres.
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Our study shows for the first time that performance of a brain-machine interface can be significantly improved with the addition of kinesthetic and tactile sensation to help guide the device's movement.
According to those who've reviewed the device, the Magic Trackpad works exactly like a mouse and though, on first look, it may not appear to support physical "clicking," it actually does - two rubber feet on the bottom front have buttons built into them and when you press the trackpad surface, the feet succumbs and offers a satisfying physical "click," giving you the same tactile sensation that you might expect from a resistive touchscreen.
Further pressure applied snaps the dome, making the second contact closure while giving the user the tactile sensation synonymous with traditional metal dome switches.
The button's audible click and tactile sensation confirm that the lock is in place.
During actuation, the armature abruptly breaks away from the magnetic sheet material, thus providing a very crisp tactile sensation.
Unique package dynamics include not only color and shape, but also tactile sensation, ergonomics and convenience factors such as locking mechanisms and anti-clog or self-cleaning/sealing devices.
This car is a tactile sensation - the soundtrack of speed, the roar of the wind, that phallic bonnet and the spartan, stripped-out interior.
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