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ancient city: see PalmyraPalmyra
, ancient city of central Syria. A small modern village known as Tudmor or Tadmor (the Syrian Arabic name of Palmyra) is nearby; residents were relocated from the ancient site in the early 1930s.
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In this case, the classical Tadmor melting mechanism may be observed.
Soprano Hila Plitmann is to be commended for her exciting and expressive singing, and Tali Tadmor partners her at the piano with impressive aplomb.
The Syrian army has recaptured Tadmor castle, the old citadel overlooking the ruins of the ancient city on Friday, reports by state media and Reuters said.
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS, Gideon Tadmor, William Olsson, Jim Kaufman.
More discussions about entropy and related schemes are given comprehensively by a number of researchers, such as Tadmor et al.
In the recent paper, Motsch and Tadmor [11] introduced a new model for self-organized dynamics which addressed several drawbacks of the celebrated CS model.
In "Tadmor," eight Lebanese men recall, and re-enact, the years of physical and psychological abuse they endured in Tadmor, Baathist Syria's most notorious prison.
Professor Hayim Tadmor, an eminent Assyriologist and historian, states that Assyrian reliefs, from the time of Tiglath-pileser III onward, frequently portray an "Assyrian scribe" writing on a board or tablet next to an "Aramaic scribe" writing on papyrus or a parchment scroll.
But she says those to look out for include Chris Haring from Austria, Ido Tadmor from Israel and Tero Saarinen from Finland.
The army is bombing the surroundings of Tadmor from the air," said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the Britain-based Observatory.
In one 2013 paper, Tadmor and her colleagues showed that racial prejudice can play a direct and causal role in making people less creative.
In an interview with Israel Radio on Tuesday, Gideon Tadmor, the chairman of Delek Drilling and the chief executive of Avner Oil, said that those deals were in Israel's interest.