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(täfē`lĕlt), or


(–lĕt), oasis in the Sahara, SE Morocco, c.530 sq mi (1,370 sq km). It has date groves and small trading settlements. After c.760 it was an independent kingdom for nearly two centuries, growing rich on the caravan trade with lands south of the Sahara. Sijilmasa (now in ruins) was the chief trade center and the capital of the kingdom. Since the Middle Ages the region has been noted for its dates and leather. It was the original seat of the ruling dynasty of Morocco, which came to power in the late 17th cent.
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There were at least one hundred and fifty camels of the kind that, for twelve mutkals of gold, or about twenty-five dollars, go from Timbuctoo to Tafilet with a load of five hundred pounds upon their backs.
On Friday, Moroccan electricity and water utility company (ONEE) opened the offers filed in the tender it announced for the 75 MW Noor Tafilet solar power project.
Scope of work: Construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic (PV) power plants under its Noor Tafilet programme draft within a framework EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)