Teuchezh, Tsug (Tagir) Alievich


Born Aug. 3 (15), 1855, in the aul (village) of Gabukai, now Teuchezhkhabl’, in Adygei Ao; died Jan. 26, 1940, in the aul of Ponezhukai. Soviet Adygeian folk poet.

Teuchezh was a farm laborer during his childhood, and later worked as a saddler. He was an authority on and a performer of folk songs. Before the Revolution he celebrated the struggle of popular heroes against their oppressors; in his satiric songs he ridiculed the vices of the rich.

Teuchezh’s talent flowered during the Soviet period. The narrative poem Homeland (1939) and the poems “Happiness” and “The Old and the New” reflected socialist construction in Adygeia. The historical narrative poems The War Against the Princes and the Uzdeni (1938) and Urysbii Mefoko (1939) were based on themes from Teuchezh’s prerevolutionary songs. Teuchezh was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


Yusyg”eme ashchyshchykh. Maikop, 1946.
In Russian translation:
Izbr. proizv. Moscow, 1956.


Kostanov, D. Tsug Teuchezh: Kritiko-biograficheskii ocherk. Maikop, 1955.
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