Taiwan Strait

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Taiwan Strait,

Chinese Taiwan haixia, arm of the Pacific Ocean, between China's Fujian coast and Taiwan, linking the East and South China seas. It contains the PescadoresPescadores
, Mandarin Penghu or P'eng-hu, group of 64 small islands (2010 pop. 86,967), area c.50 sq mi (130 sq km), in Taiwan Strait, c.25 to 30 mi (40–50 km) off the west coast of Taiwan. They comprise a county of Taiwan.
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. It is also called the Formosa Strait.
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Beginning late last year, Chinese fighter jets and military vessels have frequently approached Taiwanese-controlled areas, while the communist country opened a flight route close to the median line in the Taiwan Strait without consulting the island beforehand.
State Department said that the United States welcomes the Xi-Ma meeting as Washington "has a deep and abiding interest in peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.
For another, even if that is too risky to go to war over, if there is a military confrontation within a 1,000-kilometer radius, which includes the Spratlys, closing the Taiwan Strait chokepoint would secure attacks against the Chinese mainland.
In the long run, the political differences both sides of the Taiwan Strait have must be resolved gradually," Xi was quoted as saying.
BEIJING: China and the US were locked Sunday in an escalating row over US arms sales to Taiwan, with Washington rebuffing Chinese protests and insisting the deal promotes stability in the Taiwan Strait.
In Taipei, negotiating teams representing the governments of Taiwan and mainland China inked a series of agreements that mark a historic step toward easing tensions across the Taiwan Strait and enhancing prospects for peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.
Navy's encounter with five small Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz on January 6 resulted in widespread media coverage and aggressive posturing from the Bush administration, a much more serious naval encounter in November in the Taiwan Strait passed unremarked, both by the administration and by the press.
Wang (Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at William Paterson University), China and the Taiwan Issue: Impending War at Taiwan Strait is a critical examination of the modern political realities confronted by China, Taiwan, and the United States.
and Taiwan organizations with low-level government involvement to agree to temporarily lift a ban on direct flights across the Taiwan Strait for the duration of the Lunar New Year in 2005.
The Lien and Soong visits, as well as the Lien-Hu and Soong-Hu meetings, have been widely reported in the international press as major events bearing on relations across the Taiwan Strait.
A determined focus on preparing for conflict in Taiwan Strait raises serious doubts over Beijing's declared policy of seeking peaceful reunification," Congress was told.
Certainly a strong case could be made for any one of the following three: the Korean Peninsula, the Taiwan Strait, or the Vale of Kashmir.

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