Taro Katsura

Katsura, Taro


Born Nov. 28, 1847, in Yamaguchi Prefecture; died Oct. 10, 1913, in Tokyo. Japanese statesman and general.

Katsura was a descendant of the samurai of the principality of Choshu. He was army minister from 1898 to 1900 and prime minister from 1901 to 1905, from 1908 to 1911, and in 1912 and 1913. Katsura was one of the initiators of the Anglo-Japanese alliance. With the assistance of Great Britain and the USA, Katsura’s government unleashed a war against Russia in 1904–05.

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During the hour-long flight, the couple will spend several minutes in zero gravity during which they will exchange their vows with up to three guests present, said Taro Katsura, a spokesman for Japanese firm First Advantage.
Notable events in that period include Emperor Taisho's brief health deterioration in the first half of 1913 and the death of his mother, Empress Dowager Shoken, in April 1914, as well as the political turmoil that resulted in the collapse of the government of Prime Minister Taro Katsura in February 1913.