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the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Tasmania, who were exterminated by English colonialists between 1803 and 1876.

According to estimates, the Tasmanians numbered several thousand by the early 19th century. With regard to economy, technology, and culture, they were one of the world’s most backward ethnic groups in the 19th century. Their tribal languages and dialects (see) and their social system have virtually not been studied; the question of their origin has also not been resolved. Information about the existence of religious beliefs among the Tasmanians is contradictory and is evaluated in various ways by scholars.


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Better pathways for participation by Aboriginal people in decision-making and policy development processes will lead to better outcomes for Aboriginal people and the whole Tasmanian community.
The number of people identifying as Tasmanian Aboriginal has grown by leaps and bounds over past decades, with 19,625 Tasmanians claiming indigeneity in the 2011 census, a 17% increase from 2006.
The Tasmanian devil is one of Australia's most iconic and unique animals.
A determined group of academics, scientists, conservationists and wildlife lovers in Australia's southern island state are battling against time and the cruel brunt of nature in an bid to save the Tasmanian devil from a mysterious cancer.
In general, The Aboriginal Tasmanians provides a good overview of Indigenous history in Tasmania, written in a compassionate style.
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Lyndall Ryan has done, once again, a credible research into both her Introduction and Introduction to the Second Edition of this latest publication of The Aboriginal Tasmanians.
His comparisons of the proportions of these traits indicate that Tasmanians display the most similarity to aborigines from southern Australia and appear far more similar to Australians in general than expected in so isolated a population, he says.
We also assist Meals on Wheels who deliver over 175,000 meals to Tasmanians each year, and weve doubled our support for mobile food vans.
Cove uses this particular struggle between Western science and indigenous Tasmanians to raise wider issues about the politics of contemporary anthropological and archaeological research in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.
Unlike the previous Labor-Green Government who did not recognise the importance of providing ongoing financial support for vulnerable older Tasmanians, we have also prioritised investment to support Tasmanian seniors with $346,000 towards COTA, Seniors Week, and to help kick-start Tasmanias Active Ageing Plan.
Importantly, investing in Hydro Tasmania helps create and support jobs for Tasmanians.