Alessandro Tassoni

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Tassoni, Alessandro


Born Sept. 28, 1565, in Modena; died there Apr. 25,1635. Italian poet.

Tassoni set forth his literary and aesthetic views in Remarks on Petrarch’s Poetry (1609) and in the last two books of his encyclopedic Diverse Thoughts (1608–20); in these works he rejected the classicistic Petrarchism of the 16th century. In his Philippics (1614–15) and Reply to Socinus (1617), Tassoni advocated national independence for Italy.

Tassoni’s most outstanding work was The Rape of the Bucket (written 1614–15, published 1622), which founded the genre of the heroicomic epic poem. The work satirized the feudal structure of a fragmented Italy.


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