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In reversing and remanding that case, the court held "the SBE failed to give due consideration to the statutory and regulatory methods of finding taxable value, which include consideration of whether improvements on the land have significant value even if the land and improvements would have no value on the open market.
Through negotiations, Luminant and the county agreed that Comanche Peak s taxable value for 2014 will be set at $1.
However, Bulgaria's Local Taxes and Fees Act (LTFA) provides that garbage fee should be determined on the basis of quantities of garbage disposed by the owner, and when they can not established, the municipalities can use the taxable value of the property.
The cost of operating the pool is about $25,000 which mean a cost of 25 cents per $1,000 of taxable value.
Dumont said taxable values in the town decreased by 4.
The ministry said it put the total taxable value of land at an estimated 840.
These variations in taxable value rates are difficult to reconcile with the ability-to-pay approach, since taxpayers with the same dollar value of assets will pay different amounts in taxes depending on the type of asset owned.
We believe this will also limit the debt capacity of local governments, as the state constitution limits debt totals to a percentage of taxable value.
Bulgarian Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev has vowed to seek a suspension of the current garbage fee calculation method involving the property's taxable value.
47 percent of the total taxable value, while the residential total taxable value is 93.
When used appropriately, they lower the taxable value of a decedent's estate; their assets are usually subject to a discount due to a lack of marketability and control.
First the 1987 legislature specifically excluded from the caps annexation, new construction, rural improvement districts, special improvement districts, debt service, street maintenance districts, tax increment financing districts and jurisdictions in which taxable value declined by 5 percent or more.