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As TCL Chairman Li Dongsheng explained in a corporate promotion video in September, TCL's future success relies on success both in its domestic market in China as well as markets outside of its home turf.
TCL welcomes the prospects of building an improved working relationship with Qualcomm through this announcement.
In the first nine months of this year, TCL Communication Technology achieved sales revenue of 16.
With TCL's financial restructuring near completion, Seijo's focus will be on value creation for the company and its stakeholders," TCL said in a statement.
Since 1994, SV TCL and Associates has been providing quality semiconductor testing products.
Taiwan's industry executives noted that TCL is also one of MediaTek's major customers of TV chips.
announces a strategic world-wide agreement with TCL Communication
Our cooperation with TCL has been very good so far, but now we are looking to establish TCL as a household brand in the region.
TCL was created to help construction lenders better manage the numerous processes in the construction loan life cycle, explained Dave Demster, president of MortgageHub's Mortgage Products Division.
As part of TCL's "Smart Home" strategy, the TCL Big-Eye Crystal is a smart WIFI-enabled roller washing machine.
As a leading PC provider in China, TCL Computer is committed to bringing value to our customers, creating opportunities for our people, and helping to improve our society," said Mr.
We will not only establish a presence in Brazil, but have resolved to become one of the leaders in the local market," explained TCL Multimedia overseas executive Wang Cheng.