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Communication at a distance by means of code signals consisting of current pulses sent over wires or by radio.



the branch of science and technology that studies the principles of establishing telegraph communication, develops methods for transmitting telegraph signals and the equipment required by these methods, and evaluates the quality of data transmission over telegraph channels.

As a scientific and technical discipline, telegraphy is divided into the following branches, corresponding to the principal areas of interest: telegraph codes, dealing with the optimum conversion of alphameric data into combinations of electrical signals during transmission and the reciprocal conversion of the signals upon reception; terminal equipment, dealing with design principles for telegraph equipment, transmitters and reperforators, methods of signal transmission and reception, and the development of electronic equipment; telegraph channels, dealing with the most economic use of expensive wire communications and the design of channels with specific characteristics; and telegraph networks, dealing with the choice of methods for connecting subscribers and terminal points, the most advantageous distribution of stations, and the quality of subscriber services.

In order to ensure high-quality transmission in telegraphy, studies are being conducted on signal distortions, the causes and laws governing these distortions, and errors that occur during data transmission and methods of eliminating such errors.

Unlike other forms of communication, telegraphy operates with discrete messages composed of a finite number of symbols—letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The signals that transmit these messages are also discrete. The theoretical basis of telegraphy is the general theory of communications, information theory, and the theory of potential noise immunity. Probability theory and Boolean algebra also find application in telegraphy.

Phototelegraphy is a special branch of telegraphy and has historically been included in the discipline. It studies the principles of facsimile.

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Le telegramme du 1er septembre 1943, a annonce au gouvernement roumain que les wagons de vivres envoyes a l'Universite de Paris Etaient arrives a destination.
In the interview for Le Telegramme, Laurent Wauquiez stated that France's opposition has nothing to do with the crisis of Roma migrants from Bulgaria and Romania who were forced by the French government to return to their home countries over the summer.
On the day following Boxing Day a telegramme was received from the Resident instructing me to place a European guard on the M.
It chose the KODAK GENERATION NEWS Systems to improve service for customers, including also Telegramme de Brest, Nouvelle Republique du Centre Ouest, Sud Ouest, La Montagne and La Republique du Centre.
Khartoum, 18 Mars 2014 (SUNA) -le president de la Republique, le Marechal Omar Al-Bachir a recu un cable de remerciements et d'appreciation de Son Excellence, la Premier Ministre de la Republique du Bangladesh populaire, Shyka Hsynh Rd en reponse a un telegramme de felicitations qu'il lui a envoyee a l'occasion de sa reelection.
Ils adresserent aussi un telegramme au Resident general de France au Maroc, le general Boyer de la Tour, dans lequel ils [beaucoup moins que] expriment leur tristesse et leurs regrets des actes d'innommable sauvagerie contraires a toutes les lois morales et divines commis les 20 et 21 Aout dernier a Mazagan [beaucoup plus grand que].
Dans un telegramme, le ministre de l'interieur demande aux prefets de :
On sait par un telegramme signe de Paul Baudouin (14) le 9 juillet 1940 (15) que Vichy a demande l'agrement au gouvernement roumain pour que M.
Hierdie korrespondensie bestaan uit 226 briewe, poskaarte en telegramme oor 'n periode van amper dertig jaar.
Inzwischen konnten die etwa 500 im Hanns-Eisler-Archiv der Akademie der Kunste erhaltenen Dokumente "dank hilfreicher Bibliothekare, Archivare und Musikwissenschaftler verschiedener Lander" (XXIII) um etwa 1000 bislang unbekannte Briefe, Postkarten und Telegramme erganzt werden; einschlieftlich der Entwurfe wird das nun publizierte Briefwerk insgesamt etwa 1700 Texte umfassen.
L'assemblee vota des resolutions que Bruchesi envoya au secretaire d'etat, le cardinal Merry del Val, qui remercia par telegramme.
The Queen also sent a telegramme commending the British couple on their outstanding achievement.