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The old name for Sprintnet. TELENET used to provide a service called PC Pursuit.

Not to be confused with telnet the program and protocol.


One of the first value-added, packet switching networks that enabled terminals and computers to exchange data. Established in 1975 by Dr. Lawrence Roberts, who helped to develop ARPANET, Telenet was acquired by GTE in 1979. After it was acquired by Sprint in 1986, it was renamed SprintNet. See also Telnet.
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When the counter-offer was rejected, Proximus decided to institute court proceedings:before the Council of State with regard to the validity of the intermunicipal companies' decisions;before the civil courts with regard to the validity of the agreement between the intermunicipal companies and Telenet and with regard to the loss sustained.
According to the union, Telenet has not yet provided any clear information about the consequences for employees.
While Telenet offers downstream speeds up to 160 Mbps for their residential "Whoppa" customers on Docsis 3 technology and reported an average download speed of 83Mbps per broadband internet customer at year-end 2014, Proximus offers broadband services over their VDSL network (covering 90% of the Belgian population) and reported average speeds of 40Mbps and 360K customers at 70Mpbs thanks to the deployment of vectoring technology and dynamic line management.
Telenet said it will now look into all legal options to appeal the decision.
The TeleNet agents were selected for having a proven ability to pique called party interest, establish credibility and build rapport and had experience in Acuity's target vertical industries.
Peter Michiels, SVP Network & Service Engineering of Telenet commented: "For years, Acision's voicemail has serviced the needs of our fixed-line telephony customers.
25 gateway installed on one BTOS cluster controller and linked to Telenet with a leased line and a modem.
Liberty Global notes that as stated in the prospectus for the Offer, it intends to align the strategy and the operations of Telenet with the rest of the Company.
A senior official of Telenet Systems said, the company has already started supplying products to Tikona, and will start supplies to Aircel.
Nethys director Danny Weekers denied this in the paper, while Telenet declined to respond to rumours.
Telenet is the leading cable operator in Belgium, and the first multi-system operator (MSO) in Europe to deploy the groundbreaking Alcatel-Lucent 7950 XRS core router.
Telenet is focusing currently on amending the maturity and related interest rate on its existing term loans G and J, part of the senior credit facility.