Telescopic Sight

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telescopic sight

[¦tel·ə¦skäp·ik ′sīt]
Gunsight equipped with a telescope.

Telescopic Sight


a viewfinder whose optical components form a telescopic (afocal) system.

In the USSR, telescopic systems consisting of a negative, or diverging, objective and a positive, or converging, eyepiece are found in cameras equipped with rangefinders and in some amateur motion-picture cameras. Such viewfinders are of small size and provide a reduced erect image of the object being photographed. They are known as direct-vision optical viewfinders.

Reflex cameras and professional motion-picture cameras employ a telescopic system with a positive objective and eyepiece. Systems of this type produce magnified images of the object being photographed but must be equipped with an inversion system in order to obtain an erect image.

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Law states that all of the World-War-I-era Gewehr 98 sniper rifle variations "positioned the telescopic sight offset to the left.
Homer's soldier, eyeing his victim--yet cropped as if caught in a telescopic sight himself is trapped in the terrible logic of war.
Often equipped with a telescopic sight for long-range shooting, especially when hunting wild animals in mountains.
To connect the link, Reynolds fixed the target in the crosshairs of the telescopic sight, then adjusted it slightly to maximize the signal strength reading.
This can be extremely useful when trying to aim a very sensitive rifle with a telescopic sight over long ranges.
177 calibre air rifle, with a walnut stock and a Simmons Whitetail telescopic sight.
The rifle was is described as a BSA multi-shot weapon with a telescopic sight.
22 hunting rifle, telescopic sight, assorted bullets including rounds designed to expand on impact, an imitation pistol, an imitation AK47 assault rifle as well as balaclavas and a cannister of CS spray.
He is also charged with having an AKM assault rifle, a Beretta pistol, a mechanism for an improvised grenade launcher and 46 bullets with intent to endanger life and a count of possessing a telescopic sight and a balaclava for a terrorist purpose.
308, fitted with a forward-mounted, long-eye-relief telescopic sight.
The receiver was drilled and tapped to accept a one-piece Redfield Junior mount for the Weaver 330C telescopic sight (military designation M73B1) and the bolt handle was modified so as to clear the scope during manipulation