Television Standard

Television Standard


a standard that establishes requirements for the basic criteria of black-and-white and color television broadcasting systems and equipment.

Television standards cover five basic areas: (1) scanning criteria, such as scanning method, number of scanning lines, frame format and frequency, and horizontal and vertical scanning frequencies; (2) signal criteria, such as polarity, overall amplitude, video-frequency bandwidth, and characteristics of the blanking, synchronizing, and equalizing pulses; (3) station transmitting criteria, such as modulation method, values of the carrier frequencies for the video and audio signals, radio-frequency bandwidth, relation between video transmission and audio transmission power peaks, and polarization of the radiated electromagnetic waves; (4) television receiver criteria for the video channel, such as the radio-frequency characteristic and values of intermediate frequencies; and (5) basic planning criteria for a television broadcasting network and other requirements.

Television standards for color television broadcasting include, in addition to the above, criteria for (1) luminescence of the kinescope phosphors, (2) the reference white color, (3) the composition and parameters of the brightness and color-difference signals, (4) the modulation method and parameters of the color subcarrier signals, and (5) the characteristics of the color synchronizing signals.


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Zenith invented the core transmission system at the heart of today s ATSC A/53 Digital Television Standard, approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 1996.
Similarly, in Germany, FTA will not migrate to improved digital TV standard DVB-T2, since it is believed that the current digital terrestrial television standard will be sufficient until the FTA platform is replaced by broadband.
SANTIAGO: Chile will adopt the Japanese digital television standard ISDB-T, which is high-definition capable, joining neighboring Peru and Argentina, President Michelle Bachelet said Monday.
The book lists operas issued on videotape (VHS) or laser disc and released in the United States in the American television standard for video established by the National Television Standards Committee (NTSC).
Planning and implementation of local assistance interventions in France as part of the change in the television standard (MPEG-2 off).
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Once completed, DTVIA will submit the specification to be considered as China's national interactive digital television standard.
The DOE also dropped the television standard because such rules could Stifle the development of television technologies such as high-definition, interactivity, virtual reality and features needed to participate in the "Information Superhighway," according to the department.
TV350 - GSM/GPRS handset that supports the widely deployed DVB-T digital television standard using Newport Media's NMI305 DVB-T SOC.
The digital signals -- with crystal clear HDTV pictures and CD-quality six-channel surround sound -- originated from the TCN Channel 9 tower in Willoughby and were received at the Observatory Hotel in Syndey where government and industry leaders gathered to enjoy the demonstrations and to learn about the ATSC Digital Television Standard (DTV).
The NAB study assumes in its base case that a single mobile digital television standard will emerge by February 2009, but also examines scenarios in which the standardization process is delayed beyond 2009, and in which a standards war among multiple proponents occurs.
The Zenith VSB digital transmission system was adopted by the FCC in December 1996 as part of the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital television standard developed by Zenith and other members of the Digital HDTV Grand Alliance.