an urbantype settlement in Usol’e-Sibirskoe Raion, Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR, on the left bank of the Angara River. It is a railway station 62 km northwest of Irkutsk. Tel’ma has a clothing factory and a distillery. There are dairy-and-vegetable and feedlot sovkhozes.

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The 500 million euros of the new Eurobond issued by the Government have already been deposited in the state account in the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance told TV Telma.
Telma Boinville, 51, was found dead in the Ke Iki Beach home, north of Honolulu on Thursday, with her 8-year-old daughter bound and duct-taped.
If the purpose of detention is to prevent someone escaping or influencing witnesses, eight months later, nobody has escaped or repeated the act, said in an interview with Telma, the Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, commenting that the arrest of six MPs for the events of April 27, was unnecessary.
But what matters most is that when discussing these matters we use facts and avoid at all cost ultimatums and threats irrespective of the side they come from, said Taki Fiti, President of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU), in his interview with Telma Tuesday.
Sera uma oportunidade de ter uma visao panoramica das megatendencias que ditam os rumos da industria de tintas e das inovacoes desenvolvidas para fazer frente a elas", afirma Telma Florencio, diretora de Eventos Corporativos da ABRAFATI.
The women's bronze medals went to Kaori Matsumoto of Japan -- the defending Olympic champion -- and Telma Monteiro of Portugal.
The Cummins Euro III engine with ZF transmission, SACHS clutch, TELMA retarder and ZF power steering coupled with WABCO air brake system and ABS ensures easy handling.
Tomasz Telma, IFC director for Europe and Central Asia has said that his agency was ready to help the banking sector in Armenia, which is facing new challenges.
Mexico's government has issued a hurricane watch from Lazaro Cardenas to Punta San Telma along Mexico's southwest mainland coast, meaning hurricane conditions were possible within that area within 48 hours.
Karen and Telma - Lebanon, Yasmina - Egypt, Saleh the Entertainer - Morocco, Crazy Dunkers - Algeria, Nabilson - Morocco, Very Bad Team - North Africa, Marwa The Amazing - Somalia, Mohammad al Sheikh - Palestine, Duo Sora - Morocco, and Mohammad and Furat Gharbi - Tunisia put on their best acts for millions of viewers and judges Najwa Karam , Ahmed Helmy, Ali Jaber and Nasser al Qasabi.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden Pecat comments that the story with the "red telephone" is not worth a red cent if Telma TV doesn't publically announce who put pressure on them.
We're expecting very innovative, high-end technical studies focusing particularly on environmentally friendlier products, technologies, and processes that will allow us to give answers to the demands of consumers and the various markets served by the coatings industry," said Telma Florencio, coordinator of ABRAFATI 2015.