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(self-designation Temba), a people inhabiting the central region of Togo. The Tern, together with the related Kabre, Loso, and Lamba peoples, number approximately 450,000 (1970, estimate); the number of Tem exceeds 50,000. The language of the Tern belongs to the Gur group of the Central Bantoid languages. Many of the Tem are Muslims, although ancient traditional beliefs are also preserved. The Tem are mainly farmers; the chief crops raised are yams, corn, millet, and sorghum.

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Prior to the reorganization of leadership Tuesday, Klajic had served two nonconsecutive council terms, a one-year turn as mayor in 1993 and had served as mayor pro tem throughout 1999.
Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Gillette: Likes facts, logic, results; considers tasks as first priority; perceptive, systematic; control is not a big concern; rejects inaction.
John had a different role to play before he was pro tem.
Also, Tangoe acquired some of the TEM contracts from Vodafone and the rest will be serviced by Tangoe as part of the strategic partnership.
Result: TEM was used by 38% subjects, especially females and subjects residing in rural areas were found to be significantly associated with its use.
GatesAir is the only vendor with the proven technology to efficiently accommodate the challenging distribution architecture of our network, which constitutes a hybrid of transmitters and satellite technologies for over-the-air ISDB-Tb TV transport and delivery," said Ewerton Maciel, engineering manager, TV TEM.
While this move is in light of the approaching deadline, mailers should use TEM whenever possible to test their processes before producing any mailings in a live production environment.
TEM is now growing to include a set of best practice principles that extend far beyond telecommunications and include BYOD management.
Os trabalhos vao acontecendo e ai esse instituto a onde eles estavam depositados, guardados passa a ser um local de mais atividades com propostas de desenvolver esse potencial, com propostas de modificar a condicao que eles tem e entao os resultados vao aparecendo e mostrando que eles podem aprender podem melhorar sua vida sua condicao e se tornarem uma pessoa mais habilitada, desenvolver suas condicoes.
According to Gartner research, companies that outsource TEM for their fixed lines could save 16% to 32% of overall fixed-line spending in the first two years and 5% to 11% in subsequent years by avoiding costs, recapturing overpayments and reducing staff