Temperance Movement

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Temperance Movement


(Russian, trezvennichestvo), a religious sectarian movement that arose in Russia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among the urban petite bourgeoisie. Followers of the temperance movement strove for religious and moral perfection and for “salvation of the soul” through abstention from drinking, smoking, and other vices.

The tenets of the movement included belief in the “beneficial power” of the “prophets” (leaders of temperance groups and sects). The movement was characterized by superstitions, charlatanism, and the staging of “miraculous healings.” A number of temperance sects were named for their leaders; examples are the Churikovtsy, Koloskovtsy, Anisimovtsy, and Mironovtsy.

After the October Revolution of 1917, as a result of the sharp decline in the number of religious believers in the USSR, the number of followers of the temperance movement decreased considerably. There are still a few followers in some regions of the RSFSR.

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The temperance movement provided a simple answer to the dangers of alcohol: don't touch it.
The tension between Jews inside and outside the liquor trade and the temperance movement took many forms.
At a Temperance Movement convention, she was denied a chance to speak because she was a woman.
Spanning the dawn of the temperance movement in the early 1800s, through the Roaring Twenties, to the unprecedented repeal of a constitutional amendment during the Great Depression, this first comprehensive exhibition about Prohibition will explore America's most colorful and complex constitutional hiccup.
As the Victorian era temperance movement grew, so did concerns about the use of wine in the Eucharist.
Gough was a noted orator of the Temperance Movement who addressed more than 5,000 audiences during a 17-year career.
All in all, Davis argues, the temperance movement that took off after the Civil War and led to the 18th Amendment's ban on "the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" had American Jewry, if you will, over a barrel.
The report also looks back at the nation's long history with alcohol, from its drunken industrial heartlands to the counter-culture temperance movement.
One must remember the Temperance Movement was very strong in those days on the evils of the social degradations that were afflicting Edwardian times (they should have been around now).
Teetotalism has never taken off in Britain, unlike in Ireland where, despite stereotypes, the Pioneer temperance movement remains strong.
of Helsinki) investigates why lifestyle regulation for managing illness, preventing diseases, and avoiding environmental harm is so difficult through liberal-state legislative action when just a hundred years ago lifestyles movements such as the temperance movement mainly pursued their goals through legislative reform.
MADD is no longer an organization that opposes drunk driving, but an anti-alcohol group that has been hijacked by the modern day temperance movement," said Sarah Longwell, ABI Managing Director.