Temperature Stress

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Temperature Stress


(Russian, termicheskoe napriazhenie), a stress caused by a change in the thermal state of a body upon heating, cooling, or prolonged exposure to elevated or low temperatures. For example, the hardening of steel parts produces temperature stresses. In this case the temperature stresses are a combination of the stresses resulting from the change in the specific volume of steel that has undergone martensitic transformation during hardening and the thermal stresses caused by quenching. The effect of temperature stresses—for example, fracture or cracking during hardening—may not be apparent during quenching but may take some time, even several days, to develop as a result of a gradual stress buildup caused by changes in the specific volumes of structural members.

thermal stress, temperature stress

Stress introduced by uniform or nonuniform temperature change in a structure or material which is constrained against expansion or contraction.
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The reproductive stage of spring maize crop faces high temperature stress which results in increased anthesis silking interval and poor seed setting.
A 5-h temperature stress applied after the corals had been maintained for 17 days under UV produced no significant effect on [F.
With the continuous development of global warming and climatic change, high temperature stress negatively affecting plant growth and development is followed (Wahid et al.
Additive gene action with partial dominance was observed for all the traitsboth temperature stress conditions suggesting that these traits might be useful for the evolution of thermo-tolerant hexaploid spring wheat varieties for hot irrigated dry climate by modified pedigree selection empirical breeding technique.
These positives changes eventually resulted in improved maize yield under low temperature stress.
Acclimation of chlorophyll biosynthetic reactions to temperature stress in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.
1]) that Aiptasia exhibits genetic variation in bleaching response by exposing six genetically distinct anemone strains to two different temperature stress regimes.
CcWap65 was significantly up-regulated in the liver of crucian carp after heat stress, suggesting that increase in Wap65 gene may be related to high water temperature stress and play important roles in high water temperature environment of crucian carp.
Premium Zinfandel is an isolate from Primitivo de Manduria in Italy and is "highly resistant to both high osmotic conditions and temperature stress.
Cell membrane thermostability (CMT) was also reduced under high temperature stress.
The video follows the evolution of a small compression spring from concept and design through coil winding and high temperature stress relief.

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