temporal logic

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temporal logic

An extension of predicate calculus which includes notation for arguing about *when* statements are true. Time is discrete and extends indefinitely into the future. Three prefix operators, represented by a circle, square and diamond mean "is true at the next time instant", "is true from now on" and "is eventually true". x U y means x is true until y is true. x P y means x precedes y.

There are two types of formula: "state formulae" about things true at one point in time, and "path formulae" about things true for a sequence of steps. An example of a path formula is "x U y", and example of a state formula is "next x" or a simple atomic formula such at "waiting".

"true until" in this context means that a state formula holds at every point in time up to a point when another formula holds. "x U y" is the "strong until" and implies that there is a time when y is true. "x W y" is the "weak until" in which it is not necessary that y holds eventually.

There are two types of temporal logic used: branching time and linear time. The basic propositional temporal logic cannot differentiate between the two, though. Linear time considers only one possible future, in branching time you have several alternative futures. In branching temporal logic you have the extra operators "A" (for "all futures") and "E" (for "some future"). For example, "A(work U go_home)" means "I will work until I go home" and "E(work U go_home)" means "I may work until I go home".
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The basic claim of this paradigm is that these rhythmic components represent different temporal logics, or temporalities, what I call cyclical, centroidal, linear, and relative time.
Although the historical recuperation of occluded women and the hierarchical organization of social relations that places women in a spectral relationship to a dominant masculinist symbolic form major themes in Slammerkin, my intention in this essay is to complicate the novel's reception as a portrayal of universal female suffering under patriarchy by reframing it as a haunted text that offers a subtle queering of both temporal normativity and the sequential temporal logic that heteronormative culture is contingent upon.
Spin calculate traces from Promela model and check the properties with LTL temporal logic formula.
Unlike the traditional HLDD, the temporally extended high-level decision diagrams are aimed at representing temporal logic properties.
If the critique of presence that drives so much of poststructuralist philosophy has no current equivalence in narratology, Currie begins to amend this shortfall by insisting that a degree of formalism is necessary to apprehend the temporal logic of contemporary storytelling and to sensitize literary criticism to its lessons.
Even certain narrative images can be understood on a symbolic or abstract level, where normal temporal logic does not apply: there is no longer contradiction, but rather anachronism, which remains acceptable even when the continuous method is not.
Feminism--as a project--therefore is enmeshed in the temporal logic of the modern, resolutely directed towards the future as the yet-to-be-realized site of a better life.
Chapter 9 suggests that a temporal logic - based the routine schedule of elite activities, from morning salutatio to midday business in the forum, baths in the afternoon, and leisure at home in the evening - informed the spatial location of elite housing.
He was a co-recipient of the 2006 Test-of-Time Award from the IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS) for his research on efficient Model Checking in the propositional mu-calculus, a highly expressive temporal logic, with Chin-Laung Lei.
Simona Panaitescu is a psychologist who has also studied mathematics, temporal logic and psychotherapy in her native Bucharest, and she is a lifelong student of Christian spirituality.
Discussion of quantified temporal logic includes coverage of the tense-logical analogues of the Barcan and Converse Barcan Formulas (33-8).