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A mosaic flooring surface made by embedding marble or granite chips in mortar, allowing the mortar to harden, and then grinding and polishing the surface.


Marble-aggregate concrete that is cast in place, or precast and ground smooth; used as a decorative surface for walls and floors.

terrazzo, terrazzo concrete

Marble-aggregate concrete that is cast in place or precast and ground smooth; used as a decorative surfacing on floors and walls.
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Caption: 1 Anthropologic offers terrazzo hardware, in round and square knobs and handles.
the tender includes all the services needed to produce the terrazzo flooring on the distribution levels of the durlacher tor stop, As well as the manufacture, Supply and installation of the flooring for the public stairways of the durlacher tor and congress center stops.
This transaction expands our Euclid Group's flooring systems product offering and market share in North America, and positions it as a significant player in terrazzo flooring.
been so found in the from terrazzo stained The weatherbeaten roof is being fixed, while throughout the project contractors have experimented with using its stockpile Budd of stripped-out old materials to try to solve problems on site.
These Terrazzo Luxe Tiles were installed at the Cairo Marriott Hotel and Omar Khayyam Casino in 1985.
The statement further continued that absorption resistant property of JK White Cement proves to be beneficial when used in terrazzo designs.
Early this summer, an investment of over half a million dollars by Trend Terrazzo could start paying dividends when the company's new machine finally arrives.
They are heavy--unit weights start at 250 pounds--and made of terrazzo, a composite precast material made from black and white marble chips in Portland cement.
Combined they have over 75 years of experience in the flooring industry and completed terrazzo installation projects at Penn Station, American Airlines JFK Terminal and the Pier at Caesar's Palace.
After graduating in 2010, they stayed on as teaching assistants, and decided to collaborate on the Terrazzo Project.
The FeRFA Guide to Preparing Substrates to receive Resin Flooring and Finishing of Resin Terrazzo.
The small army of custodians' mission impossible is to eradicate the unsightly black scuff marks that appear daily on the massive courthouse's otherwise gleaming terrazzo floors like dandelions sprouting on a newly mowed lawn.