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(thā`sŏs), island (1991 pop. 13,527), c.170 sq mi (440 sq km), NE Greece, in the Aegean Sea. Timber, olive oil, honey, wine, and lead-zinc ores are its chief products; boatbuilding, fishing, and tourism are the main industries. Oil was discovered in the Aegean off Thasos in the early 1970s, leading to a dispute with Turkey over continental shelf rights. In legend its earliest colonists were led by Thasus, son of Poseidon, for whom the island was named. It was famous in ancient times for its gold mines, which were exploited by the Phoenicians. The island was colonized c.708 B.C. by persons from Páros, among whom was the poet Archilochus. In the 5th cent. B.C. it was subdued by Persia and then fell to Athens. A revolt against Athens was put down by Cimon in 463 B.C. The Ottoman Turks held Thásos almost continuously from the mid-15th cent. A.D. until 1912, when it passed to Greece.



an island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, separated from the Greek mainland by the Thasos Strait, which is about 6 km wide. Thasos has an area of 379 sq km and rises to a maximum elevation of 1,203 m. It is composed of gneisses, granites, and schists and has deposits of iron and complex ores. Marble is quarried on the island. The island shelf contains deposits of natural gas. Thasos has Mediterranean shrubs and softwood forests as well as vineyards and olive groves. Commercial fishing is practiced. The main population center is Thasos (formerly Limen [Limin]). Near the town lie the ruins of the ancient city of Thasos; remnants of the city’s walls, temples, and agora are still extant.

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Contract notice: Supply of food and other groceries municipality thassos, legal entities and municipal
Mr Chrisogelos, who is the last traditional potter in Thassos, has a workshop on the beach and his main business is from tourists.
Cameras available for selection in additional locations throughout the world include Moscow, Thassos, Prague, Malta, London, Buenos Aires, Montreal, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Seattle among the national and international celebrations.
On the route of discovery in Greece, the friendship-tour crew plan to explore the northern part of Greece, visiting Thessaloniki and Vergina and touring the Island of Thassos.
Greece: Thomson (0870 550 2555) seven-day self-catering stays in May on Corfu, Halkidiki, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Thassos and Skiathos start at pounds 129, from a wide selection of airports.
Neatly placed on top of each other, two rectangular hunks of glistening Thassos marble suggest a streamlined couple flagrante delicto.
The casino floor and other main walkways are laid with Thassos White Marble, an elegant stone quarried only on the Greek island of the same name since ancient times.
THASSOS is renowned for its beaches - said to be the Aegean's best - and its honey, fruit and nuts.
The launch of the friendship tour, dubbed Tylos to Thassos, was attended by Culture and Information Ministry Under-Secretary Dr Isa Amin, Syrian Ambassador Suleiman Sarra, archaeologists, heritage experts and media.
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GREEK ISLANDS: Kosmar (0870 7000 747) offers seven nights' self-catering ex-Manchester Aug 6 to Thassos for pounds 269; ex-Glasgow Aug 8 to Crete for pounds 259; ex-Birmingham Aug 9 to Rhodes for pounds 289.
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