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1. one of the four cardinal points of the compass, 90? clockwise from north and 180? from west
2. the direction along a parallel towards the sunrise, at 90? to north; the direction of the earth's rotation
3. the east any area lying in or towards the east
4. Cards the player or position at the table corresponding to east on the compass


1. the continent of Asia regarded as culturally distinct from Europe and the West; the Orient
2. the countries under Communist rule and formerly under Communist rule, lying mainly in the E hemisphere
3. in the US
a. the area north of the Ohio and east of the Mississippi
b. the area north of Maryland and east of the Alleghenies

What does it mean when you dream about the East?

The east, as the direction from which the sun and other celestial bodies rise, naturally symbolizes new beginnings and rebirths. Dreams about the East (in the sense of the Orient) have other associations, sometimes of a spiritual nature. For someone living in the Midwest or California, “back East” would mean the eastern United States.


The direction 90° to the right of north.


A Eureka project developing a software engineering platform.
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The buildings to the east of it were ablaze at a dozen points, under the flaming tatters and warping skeleton of the airship, and all the roofs and walls were ridiculously askew and crumbling as one looked.
We convinced them, over a long period, that most of our residents live on the east side,'' said Mayor Pro Tem Mike Dispenza.
Eastern Consolidated has been tapped to exclusively represent the owner in the sale of The East Harlem Portfolio, a unique collection of 48 mixed-use and multi-family buildings strategically located in East Harlem, a neighborhood that unquestionably has one of the highest rent growth potentials in Manhattan.
The lodge, which used to be owned by an American trucking company, has belonged to the East family since May 5, 1962.
Koehler's 1999 book Stasi: The Untold History of the East German Secret Police, he published a captured Stasi cable predicting a U.
The East End of London plays a unique role in the British national imagination.
Ask students to write two views of the Wall, one from a West German perspective and one from the East German governments's perspective.
The West denounced the East as a desert of slab blocks, shabby, inferior and authoritarian, and feared a 'rehabilitation' of the rigorous social agenda.
The accords, signed by the Communist governments of the East, guaranteed individual human and political rights to all peoples and limited the authority of governments to act against their own citizens.
The East German artists' canvases generally lack the bright colors and vivid light of the Soviet socialist realist paintings that served as their starting points.
The East Timorese people have won a tremendous victory not only over the Indonesian military but also over its sponsors, the United States, Britain, Japan, and other Western countries, that have provided billions of dollars in military and economic aid to Jakarta since the invasion.