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Economist, the


a weekly British journal of politics and economics. The Economist has been published in London since 1843. As a rule it supports the Conservative Party. It is intended mainly for businessmen. Circulation, more than 100,000 (1977).

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In economics all roads lead to Socialism, although in nine cases out of ten, so far, the economist doesn't recognize his destination, and incurs the malediction pronounced by Jeremiah on those who justify the wicked for reward.
Yet it was only from that point of view that he considered every laborer, though in many points he differed from the economists and had his own theory of the wage-fund, which he expounded to Levin.
He also faced resistance from the Economist Group as the slot of chief economist originally belonged to that group.
So the economist says, 'Let's assume that we have a can opener'
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 13, 2015-Pearson agrees to sell 50% stake in UK Publisher The Economist Group
The accountant says, "On average, four--give or take 10 percent, but on average, four" Then the interviewer calls in the economist and poses the same question: "What does two plus two equal?
The close interaction between these three institutions can be seen not only in terms of career moves of professionals between the first two but also the intellectual fraternity between the economist of these three institutions.
The Economist Group announced the global launch of its flagship title, The Economist, on two new apps - The Economist for iPhone and The Economist for iPad - available now on the App Store.
Summary: New apps bring the pages of The Economist to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
The Economist Group announced today the global launch of The Economist on two new apps, The Economist for iPhone and The Economist for iPad.
Summary: Following the opening of a directly managed, Middle East sales office in Dubai, The Economist Group, the leading global media company, has appointed sales representatives in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine for all advertising and sponsorship sales.
As Robert Tollison (Allen 1977, 81) put it in responding to Allen, "the role of the economist [at the CEA] is a stop gap--keep them [other policy-making agencies] from doing something completely dumb, just completely dumb.