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1. Sport either of the two defended areas of a playing field, rink, etc.
2. Bowls Curling a section of play from one side of the rink to the other
3. American football a player at the extremity of the playing line; wing

What does it mean when you dream about the end?

Can refer to one’s goals or simply to the end of some situation, as in such expressions as “the end of the road” and “the light at the end of the tunnel.” End is often utilized in idioms, such as “I’m at the end of my rope,” “I’m at my wits end,” and “at loose ends.”




battleground of good and evil before Judgment Day. [N.T.: Revelation 16:16]
end of game in chess: folk-etymology of Shah-mat, ‘the Shah is dead.’ [Br. Folklore: Espy, 217]
fatal raven
indicates defeat or victory by arranging its wings. [Norse Legend: Volsung Saga]
Judgment Day
final trial of all mankind. [N.T.: Revelation]
Last Supper
Passover dinner the night before Christ died. [N.T.: Matthew 26:26–29; Mark 14:22–25; Luke 22:14–20]
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USA], Nov 25 ( ANI ): Yet, another celebrity couple has come to the end of the road.
MIDLAND rock wildman Lemmy has had to have a pacemaker fitted because of heart problems - and it could mean the end of the road for his band Motorhead.
MANILA -- The conviction of Aman Futures Group head Manuel Amalilio in Malaysia is not the end of the road for the 15,000 victims of his pyramiding scheme in the country, although there will be a delay, Justice Secretary Leila De Lima said in a statement Wednesday.
The Grand Old Man of football is now in his mideighties but still as sharp as a tack and has just brought out the second volume of his memoirs entitled To The End Of The Road.
In early morning and afternoon on week days, the traffic is heavy as hundreds use the road to drop students attending Nadeen International School which is at the end of the road.
Dear Editor, As a lifelong fan of Birmingham City Football Club I have always been uncomfortable with my team's unofficial anthem Keep Right On To The End Of The Road, believing it to be something of a loser's song.
YOU might have thought Boys II Men had reached the End Of The Road but not so.
The end of the road, the swan song for the longtime Crenshaw High boys' basketball coach who planned on retiring after 39 years at the helm of the Cougars' program.
Moreover, the end of the road is betrayal and death.
Yet it will also mean the end of the road for hundreds of small companies.