The Minch

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Minch, The


(also North Minch), a channel in the Atlantic Ocean, separating Lewis Island of the Outer Hebrides from the western coast of Scotland. The channel is approximately 100 km long and 40–70 km wide. It is up to 129 m deep and has a tidal flow. The port of Stornoway is on Lewis Island.

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The wreckage offered evidence of the violence inflicted on the ship, and the hole prompted a theory that the Minch sank as a result of a collision with the Davock.
The route across the Minch is similar in distance to tackling the English Channel, but with stronger currents and worse weather.
Following the rescue, the Minch Harvester was escorted into Tynemouth by the German minesweepers, which went on to dock at Spillers Quay on the eastern end of Newcastle Quayside where the crews were greeted by officers from HMS Calliope.
The Minch, on the north-west of Scotland, is undoubtedly a priority.
Then it was a Coastguard helicopter to the rescue when the boat ran aground again across the Minch on Lewis.
Pictures of the jet were captured on film just before it downed into the Minch.
Bemused Coastguards had to organise a second rescue just hours after the 160ft Ormaza had run aground 50 miles away at Lochinver on the other side of the Minch.
THIS IS THE LIFE Title track from latest Scottish success story has more of Amy's heaving, blustery vocals which could guide boats through the Minch.
And he aims to take a trip over the Minch to the village of Tong, near Stornoway, which his mother Mary left for the USA in the 1930s.
Unable to turn in the hazardous conditions, the ferry was tossed around the Minch.
Ecologists fear a shipping disaster in the Minch and Pentland Firth, off the north- west coast, would have a "terminal" effect on fishing and tourism.
But last night, one theory was that the plane ditched in The Minch sea channel.