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What links these trends is the growing feeling rightly or wrongly that integration of Europe and globalization has left many in the old continent behind without benefiting from the bigger European market.
There are armies of unemployed people all across the Old Continent.
Their dreams of running the Old Continent for the duration will be kaput.
The European Union seems on the brink of collapse, and many non-Europeans view the old continent as a retired power that can still impress the world with its good manners, but not with nerve or ambition.
Greece in collapse, Italy crumbling, and France threatened with slashed credit ratings, all bound up in a looming collapse of the eurozone: thats not enough to glue together the inhabitants of the Old Continent," wrote a columnist in the Czech paper Hospodarske Loviny (Economic News).
The ongoing crisis, which is especially gripping the old continent presently, is causing panic amongst western countries forcing many of them to take recourse of austerity measures that would help to bail out their economies.
A great deal of effort has been devoted to create a situation of effective competition in the Old Continent and, despite the diversity of situations it encompasses, especially as more countries join the Union, regulation is rooted in a fairly consistent fashion in a shared regulatory framework.
With Froyo greasing the cogs, the European version of the HTC Aria is more than a name change - this petite droid is getting ready to storm the Old Continent.
Roma have long been among Europe's most vulnerable minorities and the way the old continent has chosen to treat them in many places is far from kind, generous or even civilised.
We want to reinforce, inspire and make the Old Continent [Europe] more dynamic," he told parliament.
American Alex Kim finished third giving his competitors from the Old Continent a warning that he is serious about winning the title this year.
The old continent, in the name of defending its regions and its ancestral practices, defends its camembert made with untreated milk.