Rann of Kutch

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Kutch, Rann of


the Greater and the Lesser, salt marshes(swamps) in western India and in Pakistan, southeast of the Indus River delta. Area, more than 20, 000 sq km; total length from east to west, more than 300 km; width, 40–80 km. The Rann of Kutch is a flat, low-lying surface with a maximumelevation of 200 m, and it is covered with black silt and salineef florescence. In places there are rises (maximum 465 m) withsteep slopes and sandy hills. During the summer monsoons, theRann of Kutch is flooded by the sea and the Banas and Lunirivers. [11–1647-3 ]

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It was broadcast by Radio Pakistan for only a few times as the Rann of Kutch clashes lasted briefly.
The Rann of Kutch in the Indian state of Gujarat is one of the most desolate and arid regions in the world.
The distinctive soft sand undulating regions of Thar Desert and gravel desert plains around Nagarparkar, near the Rann of Kutch, contain remaining population of the caracal or the desert lynx (Felis caracal) and the only remnant population of the Indian wild ass in Pakistan.
One has witnessed the Rann of Kutch in several movies, but the director and DoP make sure they paint a spectacular image on canvas.
Film that was shot extensively across the Rann of Kutch and presents the beauty of Gujarat as never before, also marks the official debut of Sonu Nigam and Bickram Ghosh as music directors
The two countries had agreed to resume talks on Sir Creek, a 96 km strip in the Rann of Kutch marshlands of Gujarat, and the Wullar Barrage built on river Jhelum in Kashmir.
Ever since the day Pakistan was created relations between the two major states of the subcontinent have remained quite unfriendly ranging from lukewarm to inimical due to a number of unresolved vexing issues like Jammu & Kashmir, distribution of water of rivers flowing from the Indian side, disputed areas such as the Rann of Kutch, Siachen Glacier, etc.
We see the old Port Trust offices in Mumbai, with their piles of fraying paperwork and aimlessly whirring fans; gorgeously decaying mansions in Gujarat, with their pastel-green peeling walls and sadly tinkling chandeliers; the beige desert landscape of the Rann of Kutch (at the border between India and Pakistan); and close-ups of a vast ship under construction.
The ratings favourably consider the location advantage on account of distinctive location and natural terrain of the Rann of Kutch which leads to longer gestation periods and acts as an entry barrier for newer players; abundant access to key raw material i.
Mr Nayar makes mention of 'mistrust between Hindus and Muslims, absence of secularism, three wars apart from militaristic stances over the Rann of kutch, Siachin and Kargil, and a general hatred against each other' as some key irritants in the peace process.
Or even the salt pans of the Rann of Kutch, to get a glimpse of wild asses.
Armed standoffs and conflict with Pakistan have arisen in 1965, 1971, and have continued as a stalemate since 1997 with respect to disputed Kashmir, Indus River water sharing, and the Rann of Kutch terminus.