Medicine Bow Mountains

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Medicine Bow Mountains,

outlying eastern range of the Rocky Mts., SE Wyo. and N Colo. It extends from Medicine Bow town, Wyo., NW of Laramie, southward c.100 mi (160 km) to Cameron Pass, Colo. Peaks include Medicine Bow Peak (12,013 ft/3,662 m) and Elk Mt. (11,156 ft/3,400 m). Much of the area is in Medicine Bow National Forest.
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The Snowy Range herd had the highest prevalence (82.
schneideri in mule deer is too low in Wyoming to generate >90% prevalence in moose; however, the Snowy Range had 82.
We found higher than expected prevalence among most herds; the Snowy Range and Bighorns stood out as having especially high and low prevalence, respectively.
This study was conducted in the Snowy Range of the Medicine Bow Mountains of southeastern Wyoming.
The greatest rise in elevation is in the central portion of the study area where the Snowy Range is formed by a steep face of uplifted granite.
Subalpine fir grows mainly in association with aspen at elevations (~2,400-2,800 m) below the spruce-fir forest type in the Snowy Range that corresponded remarkably well with winter locations.