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1958: The State Opening of Parliament was televised for the first time.
With the State Opening of Parliament behind them the Conservatives are sailing ahead, and I look forward to the country going from strength to strength with Captain Cameron at the controls.
The Queen sits |on the throne in the House of Lords next to the Duke of Edinburgh during the State Opening of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster in London yesterday BEN STANSALL/PA WIRE
The Queen's Speech, and the state opening of Parliament, is the occasion the ceremonial staff live for.
He is expected to give more details to his plans for the referendum in a speech to the state opening of parliament on Wednesday.
Betway offer 1-2 that Skinner (right) will be sitting in his traditional seat for the State Opening of Parliament on Wednesday.
THE State Opening of Parliament is next week, and there is a lot of work going on to prepare the building.
During the tour, the group followed the route the Queen takes for the State opening of Parliament and learned about the routines that must be followed.
David Cameron could stay on until the State Opening of Parliament on May 27, even if he is short of the 326 Conservative MPs needed to secure an overall majority in the Commons, former Cabinet Secretary Lord O'Donnell has suggested.
Parliament returns on May 18 but the real deadline is the State Opening of Parliament and Queen's Speech on May 27.
Frecklington was more than overwhelmed that The Queen rode the coach for the state opening of parliament.
But their old uniforms are to be taken out of mothballs for when the Queen attends the State opening of Parliament in May.

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