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river: see TiszaTisza
, Serbian Tisa , Rus. Tissa or Tisa , Ger. Theiss (tīs), river, c.600 mi (970 km) long, formed by two headstreams in the Carpathians, W Ukraine.
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Raveis and Theiss moved to set aside or, decrease the verdicts in an appeal.
I had thought that this market would grow more quickly and more aggressively than it has, but now it's really picking up," Theiss said, pointing to the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that highlighted risks to businesses around the world.
Theiss, rebranded Theiss UAV Solutions LLC under Lauren, will now gain access to funding for projects, production resources and an expanded marketing presence through Lauren's family of companies.
Theiss, renamed Theiss UAV Solutions, LLC under Lauren, will now have access to funding for projects, production resources, and a larger marketing presence through Lauren's family of companies.
One of the common threads between King and Theiss in this show is the notion of domestication.
Theiss comes to NCW Media from Cashmere Valley Bank where he was the marketing coordinator.
Theiss are also powered by Mega Airless dispensing solutions--Skin In Balance Couperose Soothing Day Cream; Skin In Balance Mineral Moisturizing Fluid; and Skin In Balance Mineral Balancing Night Cream.
The takeover took place in the form of a share deal, Wolf Theiss said.
Theiss argues that the primacy of filial piety for sons was being severely challenged' by the paradigm of female chastity as loyal and obedient service to the family.
Using over 860 criminal cases (xinke tiben) in the First Historical Archives in Beijing, Theiss analyzes the state-sponsored chastity cult, which honored chaste widows and "chastity martyrs," women who committed suicide to assert their innocence against accusations of unchaste behavior, during the Qianlong reign (1736-1795).
Janet Theiss has produced a fine example of solid archival research that engages the complex and contradictory evidence of how the Qing state, from Manchu emperors down through local Chinese officials, sought to regulate sexual behavior, as a microcosm of social relations in general, through a dramatic proliferation of legal substatutes in the middle of the eighteenth century.