Theophanes the Confessor

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Theophanes the Confessor


Born circa 752 in Constantinople; died 818 on the island of Samothrace. Byzantine chronicler.

Theophanes’ Chronographia, a series of annals covering the period between A.D. 284 and 813, was written between 810 and 814; it is largely based on sources now lost. The work is the only continuous history of Byzantium and surrounding countries for the years 769 to 813. Theophanes, an adherent of orthodox monasticism and a vehement opponent of Iconoclasm, held up the emperor Constantine I as an ideal.


In Russian translation:
Letopis’ vizantiitsa Feofana. Moscow, 1884.


Chichurov, I. S. “K probleme avtorskogo samosoznaniia vizantiiskikh istorikov IV–IX vv.” In Antichnost’ i Vizantiia. Moscow, 1975.
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In Greek, the term is employed many times in the Chronicle of Theophanes Confessor, which was finished in the early 810s (Theophanes Confessor 347, 364, 430, and 486) (6).
Despite Evangelos Chrysos's claims to the contrary, therefore, Theophylact Simocatta is the first author to have used the term Sklavinia with the meaning "land of the Slavs," and he did so more than a century before Hugeburc of Heidenheim and Theophanes Confessor.
Kingsley also found evidence in, among others, the works of Procopius, a court historian of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, who died in 562, and from Theophanes Confessor (c.
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