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Telephus comes out to the rescue and kills Thersander and son of Polyneices, and is himself wounded by Achilles.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; 8,14,4: 'The presiding officer, taking her by the right hand, led her out of the water, Thersander now defeated in two bouts.
48) 'As day broke, Sosthenes for his part hurried to Thersander, those around Satyros to me.
The interaction between Encolpius, Lichas, Giton and Tryphaena (a kind of menage a quatre) seems similar to that between Thersander, Leucippe, Melite and Clitophon.
The story of the widow of Ephesus in Petronius ([section]111-12) has a counterpart of sorts in Clitophon's encounter with Melite, a rich woman from Ephesus, whose husband, Thersander, is believed to have died at sea.
However, the charge brought against Clitophon and Melite by Thersander is one of adultery.
Because of their qualms they rise to a higher moral stature than an Arsace (in Heliodorus), a Thersander (in Achilles Tatius), or a Manto (in Xenophon), and inspire sympathy when they inevitably succumb.
40) The theater of these upheavals is especially Thersander, a character with no redeeming feature, whose unbridled soul cannot live up to Platonic ideals.
Although Sosthenes is eventually brought into court, by that stage all that matters is that he implicates Thersander (8,15,1); how he acquired Leucippe is not important as far as the trial is concerned.
At 6,12,2 Sosthenes, attempting to make Leucippe susceptible to Thersander, says that his master:
Eros strongly influences not only the protagonists, but also minor characters such as Callisthenes, Charmides, Chaereas, Melite and Thersander.
13) Melite swears by the water of holy Styx that she did not share Aphrodite's pleasure with Clitophon during the time when Thersander was abroad.