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(Or "cheapernet") The variant of Ethernet that uses thin coaxial cable (RG-58 or similar), as opposed to 10base5 cable.

The "10" means 10 Mbps, "base" means "baseband" as opposed to radio frequency and "2" means a maximum single cable length of 200m.


An earlier 10 Mbps Ethernet standard that used a thin coaxial cable. Network nodes were attached to the cable via T-type BNC connectors in the adapter cards. Also called "thin Ethernet," "ThinWire," "ThinNet" and "Cheapernet," 10Base2 had a distance limit of 607 feet. See 10Base5, 10Base-T, Ethernet and CSMA/CD.

10Base2 "Thin" Ethernet
10Base2 used a thin coaxial cable attached to each node using BNC T-connectors.
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Realtime visualization of large images over a thinwire.
The products include DECconcentrator 500 Copper Port cards and the DEC FDDIcontroller 700-C, which provide FDDI signaling capabilities over shielded twisted pair and ThinWire cabling.
Virtual channels provide a virtual communication conduit that rides on top of the Citrix Thinwire protocol for connections back to server applications.
Baseband cable may be either standard coaxial, standard ThinWire coaxial, or unshielded twisted-pair cable.
Offering a building-to-building or an in-building wireless solution, the Access Point is a full-functioning switch, which easily connects to your wired LAN via unshielded twisted pair or thinwire Ethernet connections.