Thiopental Sodium

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thiopental sodium

[¦thī·ō′pen‚tal ′sōd·ē·əm]
(organic chemistry)
C11H17O2N2NaS Yellow, water-soluble crystals with a characteristic aroma; used in medicine as a short-acting anesthetic. Also known as thiopentone sodium.

Thiopental Sodium


(or Pentothal sodium), a medicinal preparation of the anesthetic group. It is mainly used for intravenous anesthesia and is prepared immediately before use. The antagonist of thiopental sodium is bemegride.

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He was allergic to penicillin, thiopental sodium, and meperidine.
Using thiopental sodium or other agents to obtain information has been a controversial pursuit, both in the law and in psychiatry
Rectal thiopental sodium for sedation of pediatric patients undergoing MR and other imaging studies.
02 mg/kg Atropine sulphate (a) before anaesthesia with intravenous Thiopental sodium (b) (@10 mg/ kg) 'to effect'.