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(inorganic chemistry)
M2S2O3 A salt of thiosulfuric acid and a base; for example, reaction of sodium hydroxide and thiosulfuric acid to produce sodium thiosulfate.



a salt of thiosulfuric acid, H2S2O3. The thiosulfates of alkali and alkaline earth metals (except Ba), as well as those of ammonium, zinc, and cadmium, are freely soluble in water. Sodium thiosulfate is of the greatest practical value.

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The Eh/pH 'window' of allowable leaching conditions is as follows in descending order of area: cyanide, thiosulphate, thiourea, bromine, and hypochlorite.
Effect of accel, Sucrose and silver thiosulphate on the water relations and postharvest physiology of cut tuberose flowers.
Liberated iodine was titrated with standard potassium thiosulphate (0.
Distilled water is added to bring the total volume of the mixture to 100 ml and sodium thiosulphate is added 0.
thioxidans) using pyrite and thiosulphate as energy sources leading to the formation of sulphate, which resulted in the reduction of pH and the release of iron and other metals.
They were well rinsed (to remove residual sperm which may have been adhering to the cockle shells or gills) in seawater, which had been disinfected with sodium hydrochloride (200 ppm) and subsequently neutralized by sodium thiosulphate.
To neutralize residual free chlorine, sodium thiosulphate was added in sterile bottles for bacteriologic analysis, whereas acid-preserved glass bottles were used for chemical determinations.
It was Mackiw, at the Ottawa plant, who made the most important discovery -- copper could be precipitated from the leach solution, prior to nickel removal, by controlling the leach to leave sufficient trithionate and thiosulphate ions in the liquor, so that copper sulphide would precipitate when the solution was boiled at atmospheric pressure.
The material is then sent to conventional heap leaching if preg-robbing carbonaceous material is not present, or ammonium thiosulphate (ATS) leaching in the presence of carbonaceous material.
For these ores, an ammonium thiosulphate leach is being used.
Representative splits of the gravity concentrates were then leached with cyanide and thiosulphate, and the gold and silver extracted.