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see Pyramus and ThisbePyramus and Thisbe
, in classical mythology, youth and maiden of Babylon, whose parents opposed their marriage. Their homes adjoined, and they conversed through a crevice in the dividing wall.
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in the Bible, town whence Tobit was carried, N of Jerusalem.


An asteroid with a diameter of about 124 miles (200 kilometers), mean distance from the sun of 2.77 astronomical units, and C-type surface composition.
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While the Pyramus and Thisbe masque was, as always, a smash, the comedy reached its highest pitch when Puck, played by Korean-Japanese actor Cho Songha bounded, tumbled, writhed, and flitted through the spotlight with indefatigable energy, despite the fact that he performed the entire play with his left arm in a sling beneath his suit coat.
There is lots of gender-bending to add to the play's theme of transformation, with Bottom being played by a chunky woman (the crowd-pleasing Lea DeLaria), who first plays Titania's donkey and then Pyramus as an Elvis impersonation, and Flute (Demond Green) who plays Thisbe as a black man in a long blond wig, high heels and miniskirt, singing--quite adorably--in a falsetto, with muscles bulging.
Astrid, Juli, and Thisbe, all age 15, are known around town as the Whores on the Hill, the sluts of Sacred Heart, bad girls who will do anything.
The hunting behavior for a few species of Pepsis wasps has been described in detail, including Pepsis marginata (Petrunkevitch 1926; 1952), Pepsis thisbe (Williams 1956; Punzo 1994b), and P.
Following an introduction, which examines classical and Renaissance theories of imitation, chapter 1, on A Midsummer Night's Dream, considers how Pyramus and Thisbe imitates various elements of the larger play while simultaneously imitating a tale in Ovid's Metamorphoses as well as the "piteous overthrows" of the protagonists in Romeo and Juliet.
Elsewhere, in the Athenian wood, a gathering of amateur actors begin rehearsing a rendition of Pyramus and Thisbe to perform at Thesius and Hippolyta's wedding celebrations.
In her debut collection, Thisbe Nissen tackles big, life-altering subjects as told by an almost entirely adolescent cast of characters.
Instead, in the absence of any other early eighteenth-century London productions he gives us an account of Leveridge's Comic Masque of Pyramus and Thisbe with its characters Semibreve, Crotchet, and Gamut discussing the excesses of Italian Opera, possibly further from the text of Shakespeare than any straight-forward translation.
18) At times following the Latin word for word, littering his play with words and phrases translated from the original, Quince is clearly composing his version of Pyramus and Thisbe with a copy of Ovid's poem open before him.
Pyramus and Thisbe Hero and heroine of a Babylonian love story told by Ovid in his Metamorphoses.
This event is unusual because Thisbe will be almost stationary at the western end of its retrograde loop, so the occultation will happen in slow motion.
There follow nine short narratives, modeled on stories by Vergil and Ovid , about women who suffered or died because they were faithful in love and (except for the first two stories) because men were treacherous: Cleopatra ; Thisbe (see Pyramus ); Dido ; Hypsipyle and Medea , both betrayed by Jason ; Lucrece; Ariadne ; Philomela ; Phyllis, betrayed by Demophon; and Hypermnestra.