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see Pyramus and ThisbePyramus and Thisbe
, in classical mythology, youth and maiden of Babylon, whose parents opposed their marriage. Their homes adjoined, and they conversed through a crevice in the dividing wall.
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in the Bible, town whence Tobit was carried, N of Jerusalem.


An asteroid with a diameter of about 124 miles (200 kilometers), mean distance from the sun of 2.77 astronomical units, and C-type surface composition.
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In the words of a modern critic: "As if by magic, Thisbe emerges from the pre-history and unexpectedly turns out to be directly involved in the main action" (Pinheiro 3157).
As Bottom ( Forbes Masson playing with superb skill) died for love of Thisbe (the splendid Kris Lew Kum Hoi with an OTT lipsticked mouth and a crooked flower wreath on his head) fumbled to find the chink in the human wall, the house, and this reviewer too collapsed into gales of laughter.
No single actor will be allowed to dominate A Midsummer Night's Dream, and this philosophy is confirmed by the collective reaction to the performance of Pyramus and Thisbe.
HMS Thisbe arrived in 1863 to look after their souls.
They are especially grateful to neurology researchers who persisted in identifying the gene, giving hope to all families affected by this disease," said Lindsay Ballew, Executive Director, Thisbe & Noah Scott Foundation.
Cariomothis erythromelas (Sepp, 1841) (Riodinini), and Thisbe hyalina (Butler, 1867) (Nymphidiini).
The ludicrously silly play-withina-play of Pyramus and Thisbe was directed as a set-piece where props and gestures emphasised the sheer comic joy of the event.
He was only upstaged by Bottom (Darren Jeffery) who provided the biggest laughs of the night during the final act, as the band of actors performed the ultimate tragic play within a play, Pyramus and Thisbe.
On 11 July 1991 the asteroid Thisbe crossed over the galaxy, having what many believe to have been a supernova explosion.
These were for Prince Ramiro & Thisbe, in an opera by Rossini, La Cenerentola (a variation of the Cinderella story).
There will also be a live outdoor performance of Act 4, Scene 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream followed by an open rehearsal, as actors prepare the final act including the wedding celebrations and the famous play within a play, Pyramus and Thisbe.
Omar Kamal's cross-dressing in the role of Thisbe was just the right mix of outrageous and goofy, with his high-pitched voice and occasionally malfunctioning cleavage.