Thomas Fuller

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Fuller, Thomas,

1608–61, English clergyman and author. He was an able preacher and a noted wit. He adhered to the royalist cause during the civil war and the Commonwealth and served briefly as a royal chaplain. He is best known for his posthumously published Worthies of England (1662), an invaluable store of antiquarian information.
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26) Seventeenth-century Anglican apologists such as Thomas Fuller and Bishop Burnet had employed Wyclif as a heroic warrior against papal tyranny in their own combat with Roman Catholic foes, and Peirce's opponent, Nicholls, had done likewise.
Inspired by Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century philosopher best known for his posthumous book, PensA[c]es (Thoughts), Thomas Fuller has written an accessible, experimental novel in a philosophical vein, incorporating a similarly fragmented form, and much of the sensibility that characterizes PensA[c]es.
What Thomas Fuller wrote in 1732 was: "Charity begins at home, but should not end there.
Esta leyenda la invento Thomas Fuller varios anos despues de la ejecucion de Raleigh, y se hizo celebre por la novel a Kenilworth (1821) del escritor escoces sir Walter Scott.
Thomas Fuller Golden, passed away August 12, 2011 from complications related to cancer.
Thomas Fuller Golden, 69, passed away suddenly on Aug.
The present day philosopher Thomas Fuller said Thomas Jefferson's point is not merely that the people ought to rebel whenever they are oppressed, not merely that they should rebel whenever there is a whiff of oppression.
Berkenhead's statement was confirmed and expanded upon by Thomas Fuller, a moderate royalist churchman, who described the playwright in his posthumous The Worthies of England (1662) as follows: 'JOHN FLETCHER Son of Richard Fletcher D.
A As British historian Thomas Fuller said: "We are born crying, live complaining, and die disappointed," and I didn't want to die without a smile on my face.
The life of John Williams, Thomas Fuller, Matthew Hale, or Dudley North?
Thomas Fuller (Larry Poindexter) that he can earn a second chance on S.