Thoracic Cavity

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thoracic cavity

[thə′ras·ik ′kav·əd·ē]

Thoracic Cavity


the anterior (in man, the superior) portion of the body cavity in mammals, separated from the abdominal cavity by the diaphragm.

The respiratory tract, lungs, esophagus, heart, thymus, and the bronchial and lymph nodes are all located in the thoracic cavity; blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves pass through it as well. The space in the thoracic cavity between the concave inner surfaces of the lungs, in which (in a special pericardial cavity) the heart is located, is called the mediastinum. The thoracic cavity is lined with a serous membrane called the pleura. The lungs are enclosed in the so-called pleural cavities, which are separate in man but communicate with one another in the majority of mammals. The shape of the thoracic cavity depends upon the shape of the thorax and the position of the diaphragm.

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Trauma can cause blood vessels in the thoracic cavity to rupture or otherwise tear, and result in bleeding directly into the intrapleural space.
Pleuropulmonary Infection--An infection located in the lung, pleura, or thoracic cavity, or in related structures.
That increases pressure in the thoracic cavity, forcing blood to the heart and brain during the critical minutes before spontaneous respiration and heartbeats can be restored.
At our hospital, we frequently perform abdominal and thoracic cavity autopsies.
The adverse reactions reported during clinical trials were blood fibrinogen increased, post procedural and intra-abdominal hemorrhage, abdominal distension, anemia, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, thoracic cavity drainage, pleural effusion, post-procedural bile leak, abdominal abscess, ascites, deep vein thrombosis, localized intra-abdominal fluid collection, and pulmonary embolism.
Lung herniation is rare and can be described as the protrusion of pulmonary tissue outside the thoracic cavity.
Mediastinal abscess is a rare yet emergent infection of the thoracic cavity connective tissue, resulting from multiple potential sources: esophageal perforation (Boerhaave's syndrome), odontogenic and peritonsillar abscess (descending necrotizing mediastinitis), cardiovascular or thoracic surgical procedures, trauma or rarely due to hematogenous spread (1,2).
Father-of-five Mr Osborne, an experienced glass laminator with the firm in Old Heath Road, Wolverhampton, died of chest and thoracic cavity injuries after the incident, which was apparently not seen by anyone.
Width of the thoracic cavity at the same level that the width of the heart (measurement D) was measured (distance between points 1 and 2, Fig 2).
The thoracic cavity was irrigated with antiseptic solutions and one apical and one basal drains were placed.
the lung will swell to the full extent of the thoracic cavity, and the heart become strong and exhibit a wondrous variety of motions" (3).
Meconium has also been reported in the thoracic cavity (via diaphragmatic hernias) and in the pelvic soft tissues.