Three-Dimensional System

Three-Dimensional System


in structural mechanics, a system of supporting members of a structure (or a structural model of such a system) characterized by a three-dimensional distribution of the forces in the system’s elements; it can be formed from individual two-dimensional systems interconnected by couplings. Depending on the design features and the nature of the mechanical stress occurring in the system, three-dimensional systems are classified as truss, thin-walled, monolithic, or composite.

Three-dimensional truss systems are made up of elements (trusses) in which one dimension (length) is much larger than the other two. They are used in such structures as towers and power transmission line towers; they are also used as the supporting members of space frames.

Three-dimensional thin-walled systems are made up of elements having one dimension that is much smaller than the other two; such elements include sheets and shells. These systems are widely used in engineering and construction in the form of shells, vaults, marquees, folded prismatic systems, and sheet-metal structures, such as pipes, storage tanks, and gasholders. They make it possible to reduce substantially the amount of construction material used and the weight of the supporting members.

Monolithic three-dimensional systems are structural systems in which all three dimensions are of approximately the same order. They include the foundations of various structures, dams, retaining walls, and housings for atomic reactors. The improved strength characteristics of the materials used for these structures and the development of design techniques methods is making it possible to replace massive three-dimensional systems with more efficient thin-walled systems.

Composite three-dimensional systems are a combination of various systems, such as a truss system with a thin-walled system or a thin-walled system with a monolithic system.


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To solve these issues, our laboratory has proposed three-dimensional system using Kinect and Head Mounted display.
We've seen head-up displays before, but BMW is working on a three-dimensional system that will be able to display layered information.
While conventional RAM uses a single layer of silicon, racetrack memory will use a three-dimensional system to store more information," he said.
Instead, it is a three-dimensional system analogous to the two-dimensional surface of the sea, filled with waves, occasionally of the nature of a tidal wave or a tsunami.
Five to 35 layers of the polymer are then bonded and stacked to form a flexible, three-dimensional system of transparent tubes and connections.
Last month this Del Laboratories division rolled out Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, revolutionary nail polish product containing microfine reflectants to create eight luminous shades Executives said Nail Prisms use an exclusive three-dimensional system t mimic the bright iridescent effect found on pearls and butterfly wings Each bottle combines various color that change in the presence of light and were derived from several industries.
It is hoped the pioneering three-dimensional system, developed by a team at the University of Nottingham, may one day become common in British courtrooms.
A three-dimensional system with integral knee bracing, using standard truss solutions, is employed to bridge the 25.
The planet is a magnificently three-dimensional system, and although we rarely glimpse this extra dimension, knowing it's there changes our thinking and enriches our world view.
The three-dimensional system can be operated in a high-resolution mapping mode, has a range of 20 kilometers.
Weir Pumps, a division of Weir Group PLC, wanted to streamline its engineering department by replacing a two-dimensional design system with the three-dimensional system, Muntz said.
The system consolidates the data streams from the various trading floor systems into one three-dimensional system.

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