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Throne, Speech from the


an address given by a monarch to open, and sometimes to adjourn, a session of Parliament. This tradition in English parliamentary procedure developed during the 13th and 14th centuries. The modern equivalent is found in other countries with monarchical forms of government. The speech from the throne, written by government officials, is Parliament’s legislative agenda for that session. The speech is read either by the monarch in person or by an appointed state official (for example, the lord chancellor in Great Britain). Parliament’s approval of the speech from the throne is the same as a vote of confidence in the government.

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Yet Canada "will continue to work with its allies in the fight against terrorism," Trudeau's government said in the throne speech.
Last October, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised in his throne speech to launch the commission for truth and reconciliation and to make a statement of apology to close this sad chapter in our history.
The CHRA, which represents most community based nonprofit housing groups, calls on the federal government to use the coming Throne Speech to commit to maintain the current investment in community housing.
Campbell also surprised many British Columbians with his unexpected embrace of global warming alarmism in his government's February throne speech.
The recent BC throne speech presented another significant opportunity for Syngas technology by halting 2 coal power generation proposals.
He expressed disappointment when it was not mentioned in the Throne Speech or in Martin's first budget.
New NCEs targeted in these research fields will help to fulfil the Government's promise, outlined in the Throne Speech, to strengthen Canada's commitment to children and the environment and to expand Canada's expertise in areas like advanced engineering and genomics.
12-13, I, like the vast majority of social conservatives in Canada, was most impressed to hear official Opposition Leader Preston Manning's response to the Liberal Throne Speech.
Our government is delivering on Blueprint and Throne Speech commitments to improve the government's approach to service delivery with more electronic services and greater efficiencies.
The throne speech, which Canadian Governor General David Johnston will read to open the 42nd Parliament, will outline the Liberal government's intention for the next session, both in broad terms and in specifics.
The World Bank (WB) fully endorses the priority given by HM King Mohammed VI in his recent Throne speech to intangible capital "as a key standard in the development of public policies, so that all Moroccans may benefit from their country s wealth", said Simon Gray, World Bank country director for the Maghreb.
On this occasion, the Throne speech will be broadcasted on TV and radio channels starting 2 pm.