Thrust Fault

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thrust fault

[′thrəst ‚fȯlt]
A low-angle (less than a 45° dip) fault along which the hanging wall has moved up relative to the footwall. Also known as reverse fault; reverse slip fault; thrust slip fault.

Thrust Fault


(geology), a form of displacement of bedding that arises in tectonic movements. The thrust fault forms when certain masses of rock are thrust over others along the dip plane of a fault in the earth’s crust. Thrust faults are subdivided into low-angle and high-angle thrust faults, depending on the angle of dip of this plane. They are frequently a further development of recumbent folds, the inverted limb of which is extended and pinched. In some cases, thrust faults are observed with virtually horizontal displacement surfaces and large displacements of the overthrust masses.

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Limited evidence exists for kinematic analysis of the movement on the thrust fault plane: north-south oriented chatter marks in the New Glen Brook area and slickenlines and crystal fibre lineations oriented 090-100[degrees] in the Goose Cove Brook area (Fig.
At East side of the thrust fault a well allowed to identify the stratigraphic units in the seismic section.
Strike-slip faults are much less efficient at making tsunamis than thrust faults," says Ward.
Below the Mitchell Thrust Fault, where the Mitchell reserves and resources are located, the holes encountered identical sections of altered intrusive rocks that are recognized as host to parts of the Mitchell Deposit.
What geologist call as Zagros zone covers the lands between Zagros Main Thrust Fault in the east and far western plains in Khuzestan which are aligned with Arabi plate north east edge and neo--tethyan passive margin [16, 39, 40].
These results are in close proximity to one another and appear to coincide with both a pronounced north-north east structure visible on the aeromagnetics and the position of the interpreted thrust fault.
The studies suggest that the Alaska fault system is similar to Southern California's and that the Southland could produce a similar event - a rupture on the Sierra Madre thrust fault that could trigger an earthquake on the strike-slip San Andreas Fault.
According to standard seismological theory, it should make little difference whether a house sits next to a thrust fault or a normal fault.
The primary prospect is a large anticline that is created by the thrust fault system in the area.
The Rum, Jolly Roger and Marauder Prospects are located along an arcuate trend interpreted to be a thrust fault at the north end of the Buccaneer Porphyry Body.
Like the entire downtown region, the Belmont site sits atop the active Elysian Park fault system, which is an earthquake-generating fault system similar in size to the thrust fault beneath the northern San Fernando Valley that caused the 1994 Northridge earthquake,'' Sieh wrote.