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(both: tyän`jĭn`), city and independent municipality (2010 pop. 12,938,224), NE China. In E central Hebei prov., it is a politically independent unit (4,400 sq mi/11,399 sq km) administered directly by the central government. The third largest city in China, Tianjin's urban core is located at the confluence of the Hai River (c.30 mi/50 km from its mouth) with the Grand Canal. Its port, located on the Bohai, an arm of the Yellow sea, is one of China's leading international ports and the collection and distribution center for the N China plain. It is connected by rail with much of China, and the city has a subway system. Tianjin is an important manufacturing center, with iron- and steelworks, textile mills (cotton, woolen, and hemp), machine shops, chemical industries, flour mills and other food-processing establishments, paper mills, and plants making heavy machinery, automobiles, precision instruments, cement, fertilizer, rubber products, carpets, lubricants, computers and computer components, and telecommunications equipment. The banking and trade industries also are vital to the economy. The part of the city known as the Binhai New Area, which includes the port, has been designated a special economic zone in order to increase foreign trade and investment. The municipality-encouraged construction of the Yujiapu Financial District in Binhai on the Hai River, intended to transform Tianjin into a world financial center, has largely resulted in underoccupied skyscrapers.

Strategically located on the overland route to Manchuria, Tianjin has been a frequent military objective since its rise to importance in the late 18th cent. Agreements exacted from China by the British and French in 1860 made Tianjin a treaty port and conceded parts of it for foreign settlements and garrisons. In the Boxer UprisingBoxer Uprising,
1898–1900, antiforeign movement in China, culminating in a desperate uprising against Westerners and Western influence.

By the end of the 19th cent. the Western powers and Japan had established wide interests in China.
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 (1900) there was a joint foreign occupation, and the Europeans razed the walls. With the abolition of the last foreign concessions in 1946, Tianjin was completely restored to Chinese sovereignty. The city has an astronomical observatory and is the seat of Hebei Univ., Nankai Univ., Tianjin Univ., a medical college, and a music conservatory.


, Tientsin, T'ien-ching
an industrial city in NE China, in Hebei province, on the Grand Canal, 51 km (32 miles) from the Yellow Sea: the third largest city in China; seat of Nankai University (1919). Pop.: 9 346 000 (2005 est.)
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Tianjin Bohai is developing the Tianjin Bohai Chemical Area along with Tianjin City government.
ABN AMRO TEDA Fund Management is 51 percent owned by Northern International Trust, part of Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding Company, a large company owned by Tianjin City.
IBM Global Technology Services team will accelerate virtualisation and consolidation of the group's existing IBM UNIX servers in the company's headquarters in the Tianjin City, as well as its overseas offices in the UK and Singapore.
But this conclusion was drawn from the comparison between district and county people's congresses within Tianjin City, not from the comparison between cities or provinces with different economic development levels in China.
Survey of rickettsiae infection in humans in Tianjin City.
2 in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), including Tianjin City Vice Mayor Yang Dongliang, other city government officials, FAW President Xu Jianyi, TMC Senior Managing Director Akira Sasaki and TFTM President Masahiro Kato.
China and each ASEAN country are showcasing a port city, with China featuring Tianjin City while ASEAN member Cambodia, for example, is promoting Sihanoukville deep-sea port.
To the north, in Tianjin city, the Tianjin Newspaper Printing Co.
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In the provinces of Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanxi, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, and in Tianjin city, many secondary schools have followed the career guidance and counseling courses model and have developed their own programs.
Everything has two sides," said Song Yuyan, director of the Eco Center at Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA), a vast government-backed industrial park, home to 15,000 manufacturers and located between Tianjin city and the Bohai Sea in Northeastern China.
I am very grateful to have received this major recognition shown to me and Danfoss by the government of Tianjin City.

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