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Ghoulish and stupid as their actions are, the men occupying Timbuktu are marked by all too human frailties.
Un film comme Timbuktu merite en effet de rencontrer et d'etre confronte au regard d'un public qu'il dessine en filigrane de son tissu narratif.
From Times Square to Timbuktu is a valuable interpretive statement of recent trends in world Christianity by a Northern Hemisphere ecumenical leader, and it should be read by anyone interested in how those trends intersect with ecumenical issues.
Timbuktu started favourite that day, having clearly shown promise on the Ballydoyle gallops and, with that run under her belt, she should triumph tonight.
The operation took place a few hundred kilometers (miles) north of the desert caravan town of Timbuktu, according to a Malian security source.
Ms Gordon aimed to recruit community film-makers to produce their own films about Timbuktu and has conducted group and one-to-one training sessions.
This detachment is going to stay in Timbuktu while the Burkinabes are there," he added.
According to the Telegraph, America and its allies have always tried to make it impossible for al-Qaeda to run permanent, dedicated training camps, but in Timbuktu, AQIM managed to run the training centre for about nine uninterrupted months.
Around 800 French fighters took part in the effort to free Timbuktu, including hundreds of paratroops.
The ancient universities at Timbuktu were a model to the rest of the world as it struggled with the dark ages, while Islamic scholars were enlightened in their fields of study.
Owners have succeeded in removing some of them from Timbuktu to save them.
French-backed Malian troops have been searching through Timbuktu for Islamist rebel fighters, after seizing the airport and surrounding the ancient Saharan trading town in a lightning offensive.