Times Square

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Times Square,

in New York City. Formed by the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Ave., and 42d St., this famous square was named (1904) for the building there that formerly belonged to the New York Times. The building, located in the center of the square, is still famous for the outdoor news "zipper" that displays up-to-the-minute news. Times Square and the adjacent area form one of the most concentrated entertainment districts in the nation, featuring legitimate theaters, motion picture houses, shops, newsstands, bars, and restaurants. During the 1970s and 80s, the area became notorious for pornographic theaters and general tawdriness, but it was cleaned up and revived in the 1990s. Broadway at Times Square, jammed with traffic and illuminated by a profusion of enormous electrical signs, is known as the "Great White Way." On New Year's Eve, close to a million people congregate there to celebrate.


See studies by W. R. Taylor (1991) and J. Traub (2004).

Times Square

a square formed by the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue in New York City, extending from 42nd to 45th Street
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With its impressive floor plates, eye-catching dual-corner frontage and spectacular LED signage, this building will embody all of the energy, electricity and market power that Times Square has to offer," said Miller.
Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, said, "The app gives revelers around the world the chance to experience the action and excitement of New Year's Eve in Times Square, capturing the infectious energy of the live performances and crowds as well as the magic of the ball drop and tons of wishfetti that descends on Times Square at midnight.
Futterman said 11 Times Square presents an exciting opportunity for a host of tenants--from fashion and specialty retailers to entertainment-themed retailers and restaurants--to have a significant presence in the Times Square business district and the most-visited tourist destination in the U.
They needed to convince buyers that the noisy and congested Times Square area is a viable place to live and, in a move that attracted a great deal of buyers, Katz managed to cut the delivery time from two years to merely nine months.
11 Times Square represents a vital opportunity for the City and State to retain large corporations looking for sizeable floorplates of new generation space in this core commercial district.
A joint venture between SJP Properties and Prudential Real Estate Investors purchased the long fallow parcel, known as Site 8N, or 11 Times Square, from the Millstein family in July for over $300 million and plans to construct a 900,000 s/f, 600 feet tall office building on the site.