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Badger, who we see only when she is brought in to minister to the ill Tinman, is played by Carrie Snodgrass, whose first credited, and best remembered, film role was as the title character of Diary of a Mad Housewife in 1970).
Fenina Suarez was cast as Dorothy, MJ Suarez as Lion, and Jenika Fernando as Tinman.
Some were dressed as wrestlers, there were a couple of Oompa Loompas - and we refused to serve the Tinman.
Luke Flacks who was the Tinman, Ben Haigh who played the Lion and Tom Widdop who took the role of the Scarecrow.
The Tinman also does drawings and will talk with you or your builder throughout the installation process.
Jane Tinman and Rachel and Clare Sheldon won with 39 points, three ahead of the Rhyl and Rhuddlan team of Sheila Shepherd, Judith Williams and Helen Knowles with two other Rhuddlan teams on 35 points, Kim Irvine, Julie Pickman and Linda Vaughan taking third on a countback from Pauline Francis, Anne Jones and Heather Evans.
One small step for man, one giant leap for tinman kind," the Daily Mail quoted Robonaut as tweeting.
Tinman on "Scholar Says Research Universities Not Serious
Scarlet braved first-night nerves and almost being drowned out by the band in her opening song, to put in a delicious lead performance alongside seasoned players Rory Adamson, Guy Parker and Luther Rauk, as Tinman, Lion and Scarecrow respectively.
The classical musical is a story of Dorothy played by Scarlet Robinson who, as a result of a cyclone in her hometown, gets magically transported to the Land of Oz and on the way she meets the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion who all set off down the Yellow Brick Road in search of the Wizard.
Only 3 genes earned individual entries: BRCA1, Her2/ neu, and tinman.
Dorothy Ashanti The Wiz Orlando Jones Aunt Em, Glinda LaChanze Tinman Joshua Henry Lion James Monroe Iglehart Scarecrow Christian Dante White Evilene Tichina Arnold Addaperle Dawnn Lewis