Tissue Therapy

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Tissue Therapy


the suturing or injecting under the skin or the conjunctiva of preserved animal or plant tissue, such as skin or cornea tissue or the tissue of aloe leaves, as well as of compounds made from these tissues. Tissue therapy was invented in the 1930’s by V. P. Filatov. Filatov believed that tissues preserved by cold storage or other methods would, in adapting to an unfavorable environment, accumulate substances with high biological activity—biogenic stimulants—which would achieve the method’s therapeutic effect.

Like protein therapy, tissue therapy is a nonspecific method of treatment. By activating the body’s immunizing and regenerative functions, it is often effective in combating inflammation, degeneration, atrophy, and other slow pathological processes. At present, tissue therapy is used mainly in certain eye and skin diseases.

In veterinary science, tissue therapy is used to treat slow-healing wounds, ulcers, and some diseases of the skin and lungs. Tissue therapy also functions as a stimulant in the fattening of calves and piglets and in increasing the production of milk in cows and of wool in sheep.


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